BMS 524 Introduction to Confocal Microscopy and Image Analysis -2017

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2017 Lecture Schedule


BMS 524 – 15 lectures

Date Lect #Title LectPPT File (Download) View the Lecture
Jan 121The Principles of Microscopy (1)JPR

30 megs

126 meg (2014)


2016 Lect

2012 lecture

Video lecture (2009)

Jan 182Principles of Microscopy (2)JPR

3.3 megs

100 meg (2014)


2016 lect

updated 2017
Jan 253Principles of Microscopy (3)JPR

5.3 megs

112 meg recorded lecture


2016 recorded Lecture

Video lecture (from 2009)

NEW VIDEO Lecture from


Jan 30



4Image Formats and Image ManipulationsJPR  2016 lecture 
Feb 85Fluorescence and Fluorescence Probes JPR5.0 megs
updated 2017
Feb156Principles of 2D digital image analysis - (I)JPRLecture 6updated 2017
Feb 227Principles of 2D digital image analysis (II) JPRLecture 7updated 2017

Midterm quiz (take home)

Components of the microscope

JPRLecture 8Updated 2016
Mar 88Sample Preparation of Confocal MicroscopyJPR2.3 meg PDFUpdated 2017
Mar 15 


Spring Break

Mar 229

Live Cell Imaging Applications in Confocal Microscopy







Updated 2017
Mar 2910



Novel 3-D microscopy techniques: 2-photon, 4Pi

BR12 megs 
Apr 511

Novel 3D microscopy techniques



19.6 meg file

Updated 2017
Apr 1212

Image Presention, Manipulation & Fraud


Updated file

30 megs

Updated 2017
April 1913

Spectral Imaging Lecture


BR10.6 megs downloadUpdated 2017
April 26 




You can click on the links to download or directly view the Powerpoint files. NOTE: most of these lectures are relatively large.

JPR (Dr. J. Paul Robinson), BR (Dr. Bartek Rajwa)


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