FCS Assistant

Contributor: Ray Hicks

Affiliation: University of Cambridge, Department of Medicine


Description: FCS Assistant is a utility program that is intended to aid analysis of flow cytometric data, stored in the FCS1.0 or FCS2.0 file format. It has a range of routines, some or all of which are missing from commercial analysis applications:


  • Calculation of the Ratio of two parameters

  • Addition of a calculated time parameter

  • Calculation and export of time-variant data for kinetic analysis or quality control

  • Removal of surplus parameters

  • Editing of saved text

  • Conversion of IBM format files to macintosh

  • Conversion of FCS1.0 to FCS2.0

  • Export of raw data (for dot plots and further manipulation)

  • Calculation and export of histogram data


Click here to download the demo of FCS Assistant.



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