PUL Job#1391 -- Flow Cytometrist - NIH (posted Sept 14, 2023)

We are looking for a full-time professional, interested in joining our exciting, busy flow cytometry facility, located at the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute’s Surgery Branch (SB).

Our mission is to develop therapies for metastatic disease, by way cellular adoptive immunotherapy.

Thus, flow cytometry plays a crucial role in identifying tumor-reactive T-lymphocytes based on several costimulatory& differentiation markers.  Potential candidates should have prior experience in operating, maintaining and troubleshooting a variety of instruments: both analyzers and cell sorters. The SB Flow Cytometry Facility houses several analyzers including two 5-laser-23-color BD FACSymphony A3s, one 3-Laser-14-color BD LSRFortessa and one 3-laser-12-color Attune Cytpix.  Our sorters include a brand new 5-laser-23-color-6-way BD FACSymphony S6 cell sorter, as well as two investigator-friendly Sony cell sorters – one 4-laser-6-color-2-way Sony SH800 and one 4-laser-12-color-4-way Sony MA900.  Knowledge of operating BD’s High Throughput System (HTS) accessory is a plus, due to our high-volume of screening for cells expressing inducible costimulatory receptors like 4-1BB, in a 96-well plate format.  Candidates should have a basic understanding of panel design, including the pairing of low-density antigens with brighter fluorochromes, titration of antibodies using Stain Index and a thorough understanding of the necessity for the inclusion of controls, both FMO/ABO and single-color compensation samples, to assist Investigators in designing their experiments.


All interested parties should contact either Paul Robbins (Supervisor) at  or Arnold Mixon (Senior Manager of the Flow Facility) at . Thank you.



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