PUCL Job#1322 Scientist - Flow Cytometry Rockville MD (05/21)

TITLE:  Scientist, Flow Cytometry (full-time)


REPORTING LOCATION: 1330 Piccard Dr, Rockville, MD 20850


REPORTS TO: Vice President of Scientific Operations  


PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: Support pre-clinical and clinical teams with exceptional immunology research skills.



·       Perform multi-parameter flow cytometry including panel design (>12 colors), instrument set-up, sample acquisition and data analysis

·       Generate novel methods and/or work with method developers to develop, transfer, and validate appropriate flow cytometry assays

·       Perform ex vivo and in vitro assays for immuno-oncology relevant endpoints such as ELISA and multiplex cytokine assays (e.g. Luminex and MSD)

·       Responsible for quality and efficiency of studies performed within the pre-clinical and clinical laboratory.

·       Lead analysis of pre-clinical and clinical flow cytometry data (using Flowjo, FACS Suite and Diva software) and reporting of results.

·       Responsible for scheduling and effectively planning workload

·       Ensuring compliance with established procedures and environment in a regulated laboratory.

·       Sample preparation (murine or human tissues/cells) for immunostaining and acquisition by flow cytometry

·       Preparation and handling of primary specimens, including peripheral blood, ascites, other liquid biospecimens.

·       Troubleshoot, optimize, and develop methods for unmet experimental needs

·       Interact with other teams and clients as needed.

·       Maintain laboratory records and notebook, organize and compile data, and write weekly reports on results



·       Proficient in multi-parameter flow cytometry including panel design (>12 colors, instrument set-up, sample acquisition, data analysis)

·       Data analysis experience using Flowjo, Diva software and other FACS related analysis tools

·       Experience with PK/PD, in vitro T-cell functional characterization assays including in vitro cytotoxicity, proliferation, and cytokine/chemokine measurements.

·       Proficiency in the analysis and understanding of immune cells and molecules.

·       Perform ex vivo and in vitro assays for immuno-oncology relevant endpoints (e.g. ELISA and multiplex cytokine assays)

·       Primary immune cell culture (experience with T cells, NK cells, Dendritic cells, Macrophages)

·       Experience in data interpretation and statistical analysis.

·       Ability to coordinate parallel tasks across multiple projects, demonstrating prioritization.




·       Ph.D. in immunology, cellular and/or tumor biology or a closely related field

·       Must have experience in flow cytometry, immune cell phenotyping of immune cell subsets (0-2 years Academia or Industry)

·       Experience designing and developing flow cytometry panels for pre-clinical and clinical samples

·       Demonstrated experience with in vitro assay development preferred

·       Demonstrated experience working with pre-clinical models preferred

·       Demonstrated experience in in vivo immunology and oncology tumor model prefer




·       Must be able to sit and use hands to finger, handle and feel.

·       Must be able to lift and move packages weighing up to 50 pounds.

·       Must be able to sit for long periods of time using a computer in a typical office environment in a multi-level facility

·       Some activities require repetitive motion and reaching, pulling or pushing.

·       In carrying out the duties of the job there will be frequent exposure to fumes and chemical hazards.

·       Duties performed routinely require exposure to blood, body fluid and tissue.



This job description may be changed to include new responsibilities and tasks or change existing ones as management deems necessary.



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