PUCL Job#1246 - Flow core manager - Harvard (Posted Sept 26, 2019)

Flow Cytometry Core Manager

Harvard Medical School 


Job Code

398057 Technical Manager 

Duties & Responsibilities

Position open for a Flow Cytometry Core Manager in the Department of Immunology at Harvard Medical School. This Flow Cytometry Facility actively participates in exciting research projects across multiple departments, and operates cutting-edge instruments for flow analysis and sorting. We are looking for a team player with strong cytometry as well as organizational and interpersonal skills who will work closely with facility staff and the dozens of scientists who use the Facility.


The Core Manager will:

•                operate cell sorter instruments for investigators;

•                advise investigators in designing and conducting complex flow cytometry experiments (including selecting appropriate fluorochrome combinations and defining operational parameters according to cell types and context)

•                train investigators on appropriate use of analyzers;

•                keep informed on trends and advancements in the field of research flow cytometry;

•                collaborate on publications related to Core research and development, potentially including co-authorship if warranted;

•                convey new Core capacities to users and potential users;

•                assist broadly in research and educational activities within area of expertise;

•                prepare and assist in preparing proposals for funding;

•                as appropriate to Core, seek relevant training on Core instrumentation, maintaining proficiency as technologies advance;

•                manage the operation of the facility, overseeing work by two staff members, handling scheduling and interfacing with the financial office.


Basic Qualifications

Bachelor’s in biology-related field; at least 4 years of flow cytometry experience in an academic, biotechnology or clinical laboratory setting.

Additional Qualifications

The successful candidate must have good communication skills to interact effectively with faculty, students and staff; ability and enthusiasm to learn and implement new techniques and protocols related to flow cytometry; ability to work both collaboratively and independently; and be well versed with the use of computers and software (flow cytometry-related; Microsoft Excel).


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