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PlateAnalyzer QUICK HELP Document (PDF)

CURRENT VERSION OF PlateAnalyser: 3.39  (Dec 2017)



NOTE: if you have earlier version 1.6 you must download the software from the original site as that version has an error in the  updating and will not allow you to update to a new version.


The following are demo movies showing PlateAnalyzer operating on both regular and CyTOF (see below)  data.

Standard Demonstrations of Drug Screening Data - NOTE: many of these are now 4-8 years old - I have not the time to continually update videos. Icons have changed to some extent over time.


1. Try this first:   An Introduction (coming from Youtube)to PlateAnalyzer (3 min) This is a 3.5 minute outline of what Plate Analyzer can do (off our server) This shows the general operating features. It's a good place to start. (44meg)

2. Some general videos on PlateAnalyzer (37 sec) comprehensive data management and analysis tool. This is mostly related to drug screening.

3.  Some nice features - Create a new Parameter  (75 Sec)

4. Save graphics from PlateAnalyzer to Word or PPT (33 Sec)

5. So how fast is PlateAnalyzer? Open it, close it, analyze it! (60 sec)

6. New features March 2012 - tracing the analysis pathway

8. SMILES codes read for drugs see YOUTUBE

9.  New DRUGBOX Controls features YOUTUBE

10. Export CSV data files YOUTUBE

11. Dealing with Empty Wells YOUTUBE

12. 40 PLUS parameter data CyTOF analysis YOUTUBE

13. Autowell finder-extracting single wells from large files YOUTUBE


Demonstrations of High Content Fluorescence Data

1. 7 color (June 2011)  data from 384 well plate (8 mins shows many features but does not show latest additions to software)

2. Screening for Fluorescent Proteins

3. Typical 384 well drug screening mode  -example video (May, 2011)


Advanced Very High Content (VHC) Analysis (CyTOF data)

1. Cytof data from Bernd Bodenmiller (43 raw variables inc 7 barcodes with 2.3 Million cells) (actually this analysis video uses all 2.3 million cells not just 10% as I say in the video...OR WATCH THIS ON YOUTUBE ITS FASTER so it's a pretty big data set and still operates interactively in real time) 7.5 min

2. Demonstration of debarcoding complex cyTOF data (this is a demo of how to debarcode the CyTOF data). If you have trouble with this contact me - there may be an update on this.


March 2013- Auto Well finder - Accuri, CyAN flow data

There is a new feature in PlateAnalyzer. You can now take native files collected on the Accuri or CyAN via the Hypercyt and separate the files based on time/well number into separate list mode files for each well. The AutoWellfinder has some nice features for cleaning up data, and can read sets of files such as created by Accuri or the single time-based files from CyAn. There is no size limit. Here is the MP4 tutorial (13 megs) to explain how to use this feature or you can go to YouTube.


SMILES - addition of link to PUBCHEM and reading CSV files

You can read SMILES codes for drugs with PlateAnalyzer. You must create a CSV file in the exact format as the one HERE. Don't change the number of columns. Just replace the names and add the smiles code. You can create your own CSV sets and load them from the OPTIONS, SMILES dripdowns.


Plate Analyzer is a project from the Purdue Univeristy Cytometry Laboratories for both high throughput and high content flow cytometry management and analysis. It has superior capacity to any other program and is order of magnitude faster at achieving data processing & analysis. It can easily handle 10 million or more cells and 384 well plates and 50-100 parameter data!!! For more information please contact Prof. J. Paul Robinson Email:


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