Cytospec software


Cytospec V11.15: CytoSpec_Setup.11.15.exe

Cytospec Version 11.8 (2020)

Cytospec Versin 11.7 (October 2019)

Cytospec Version 11.6  (September 2019)


Download the latest version from here


CYTOSPECTM (updated Dec 6, 2013)

Version 7 is now updated with protocol saving. The following program is called Cytospec(TM) and is a general purpose flow cytometry analysis program

For 32 bit you need the EXE file (download now).

For 64 bit use this EXE file (Download now).


New Version

Cytospec Version 9.0  (April 19, 2016)


Download Cytospec V 9 64 bit (13 megs) 

Download Cytospec V9 32 bit (9 megs)



Brief instructions for running Cytospec are here (download now) and will be updated one of these days!

1. Tutorial without audio (use above file) (play)


Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials teach you all the basics of Cytospec. You can use the 5 color listmode file HERE if you want to play along!


1. Demo 1 -YOUTUBE or download- Basic introduction

2. Demo 2 - YOUTUBE or download-Tabloid output

3. Demo 3 - YOUTUBE or download- PCA - how to apply it\

4. Demo 4 - YOUTUBE or download- More PCA

5. Demo 5 - YOUTUBE or download- Some Utility Features

6. Demo 6 - YOUTUBE or download- More Utility Features

7. Demo 7 - YOUTUBE or download- Create a new FCS file and perform PCA on it



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