PUCL Job#1388 - Flow Core Position-Charlottesville Virginia (posted July 14)

The University of Virginia Flow Cytometry Core Facility, an ISAC recognized Shared Resource Lab, is seeking an experienced Flow Cytometry Core Specialist. The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is equipped with an array of advanced analytical cytometers, cell sorters, and a mass cytometer.  The Flow Core provides services to a broad array of investigators, both inside and outside UVA. The ideal candidate will have expertise in flow cytometry, including instrument maintenance, troubleshooting, data analysis, and client support. 


Join this exciting opportunity to work with advanced flow cytometry technologies and collaborate with researchers.


Application and details can be found:


Please reach out with any questions.






Michael Solga, MS, SCYM (ASCP)
Director, Flow Cytometry Core
University of Virginia 
School of Medicine
1340 Jefferson Park Ave.
Pinn Hall, Rm 2011
Charlottesville, VA 22903



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