PUCL Job#1252 Senior Research Technician (Posted Oct 30, 2019)

Senior Research Technician


Phitonex, Inc. has developed a platform that enables the deterministic optical engineering of fluorescent labels to provide cleaner, higher dimensional analysis of single cells. We are a rapidly expanding company moving at lightspeed to accelerate discovery in the life sciences to help find cures for disease, improve chronic illness, and eliminate suffering.  We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Research Technician interested in working in a fast paced, dynamic environment at the intersection of biology, DNA nanotechnology, and chemistry to create new technology impacting the way light is used in the life sciences.  Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility located in the vibrant heart of downtown Durham, NC offers you an exciting and rewarding career opportunity to help develop and apply bleeding edge technology to uncover new biology.  


We are looking for a Senior Research Technician with experience in and passion for flow cytometry who wants to work at the interface of research and development, immunology, and commercialization.  The role will evolve significantly with the right team member, and to that end the ideal candidate is a  versatile self-starter with the ability to work independently as well as in group settings. Candidates will be passionate about science, have a strong desire to help customers solve problems, and are capable of teaching/demonstrating our technology and applications to a wide audience of users (brand new students up to very experienced tenured professors). 


The Senior Research Technician will be responsible for planning and executing flow cytometry experiments in our laboratory and with partners/collaborators, optimizing PBMC staining protocols, testing new fluorescent labels in flow cytometry, running titrations, creating and validating high-dimensional panels, maintaining instruments and performing daily/weekly QC, writing SOPs, and training other individuals in flow cytometry.


Other duties include and are not limited to - testing, documentation, new product development, and communicating with other departments.


Applicants must be legally permitted to work in the U.S.


Location: Durham, NC


Key Accountabilities & Responsibilities:

  • Work with company leadership to establish project goals and timelines
  • Prepare BSL-2 cell samples (e.g., PBMCs) for analysis
  • Plan and execute flow cytometry experiments 
  • Optimize flow cytometry staining protocols
  • Run titrations
  • Perform multicolor experiment and panel design
  • Maintain instruments and perform regular QC measurements
  • Analyze and interpret data (flow cytometry, etc.)
  • Perform general wet-lab work (prepare buffers, aliquot cells, etc.)
  • Develop and write standard operating procedures
  • Train others in flow cytometry
  • Work with a team to manage chemical/material inventory



  • B.S./M.S. in biology or a related field
  • 3+ years of experience with flow cytometry lab and or scientific resource laboratory work 
  • General understanding of fluorescence applications (flow cytometry, microscopy, etc.)
  • Knowledge of and commitment to safe and effective laboratory practices


Preferred Skills

  • Experience maintaining, designing experiments for, and operating a flow cytometer and flow sorter 
  • Experience with cell culture work at BSL-2 
  • FlowJo analysis
  • General knowledge of MATLAB (or similar scripting languages, e.g., Octave)
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Great attention to detail


Please apply via LinkedIn ( or send your resume to



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