PUCL Job#1243 - Scientific Software Developer (posted 09-01-2019)

Scientific Software Developer


De Novo Software is a rapidly growing company specializing in data analysis solutions for scientific experiments. Our flagship product, FCS Express, is used in thousands of research and clinical laboratories world-wide in applications ranging from basic science to disease diagnosis. We are a small company located in Los Angeles, CA. 


This position is for those looking for those who enjoy integrating sophisticated data analysis algorithms into commercial flow software cytometry data analysis software. The candidate will collaborate with researchers at major universities to develop and commercialize algorithms that provide state-of-the-art analysis capabilities to end users. Depending on the candidate, aspects of the job will include researching, developing, comparing and optimizing algorithms for analyzing large data sets. Other aspects may include simulations, graphing, statistical analysis and User Interface design. The candidate will enjoy theoretical aspects of software development, such as design patterns, OOP and software architecture as well as algorithm development.


We are seeking a motivated, creative thinker to work in the heart of our development team. The specific duties will include algorithm development, programming and testing, but depending on the candidate can expand beyond that. The successful candidate will be enjoy investigating new technologies, and be able to keep an eye on the long-term goals while working on specific challenging programming problems. Depending on experience, the candidate will become involved in design and architecture decisions.

The candidate will be working very closely with the rest of the team but will also have the ability to work efficiently independently


Will work in a small company environment.
Will report directly to president.
Will perform algorithm development, software design, coding and testing.
Primary commercial development language is Delphi

Algorithm prototyping in R or another statistical language.
Will investigate new technologies and tools.
Candidate may also contribute to writing documentation.

Candidate will contribute to writing articles for academic journals.
Some Telecommuting OK
Permanent position only 

3 years experience in scientific programming

Experience in using matrix math libraries

Experience in creating simulations

Experience in implementing algorithms described in scientific publications

Ability to collaborate and work as part of a diverse team

Understanding of Object oriented programming

Understanding of Windows programming and messaging architecture 
Familiarity with a variety of 3rd party Delphi components
Biology background 

Experience minimizing systems of equations

Ability to work independently
Oral and written communication suitable for business and technical users

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