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Flow Cytometry and Imaging Slidesets and eLectures

from Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

These slides may be used without copyright restriction except for commercial or for profit use, provided you give credit to the author, and reference this site. They have been made available on our website since 1994. Many of these slides have been used by people all over the world for many years. However, they may not be reproduced for commercial purposes in any form without written permission of the author. You may distribute them to classes as they are or in a modified state, provided you are not using them to derive income.

Flow Cytometry Series Lectures

Used in my Graduate class BMS 631 – versions of these slides have been made publicly available since 1991 on Kinetic Word Art and Graph software or Powerpoint.

J. Paul Robinson, Professor, Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

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Microscopy Series Lectures

Below are the new updated versions of the class BMS 524 “Introduction to Confocal Microscopy and Image Analysis” that have been available since 1994. Many are updated in 2007.

These lectures are undated, but many have been here for many years, so they may not be as updated as you might like…

General Flow Cytometry Lectures

Note: Some have not been updated for several years.

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