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This disc was conceived and developed for educational purposes. Papers published elsewhere are included here with permission of the rightsholders. Copyright for original materials developed for this disc remains with the author. Copyright for the concept, layout, and remainder of the disc remains with MMK Holdings, Inc. Users may view, browse, dislay and/or download material for temporary non-commercial educational or personal purposes only, unless otherwise specified by the rightsholder. Material reproduced or displayed for educational purposes must contain the appropriate credit line (see below). The contents of this disc may not be reproduced for distribution in any form without prior written permission from MMK Holdings, Inc.

Required Credit Line

Cytometry Volume 10 was produced by Monica M. Shively and developed by Joshua Coleman. It was published by MMK Holdings, Inc. Publisher J. Paul Robinson for the Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories, and distributed free of charge as an educational service to the cytometry community. 20,000 sets of these 2 DVDs were distributed in October 2007.

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