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This DVD set is a volume in the series of discs we have produced for the fields of cytometry and imaging over the past 12 years. Our original goal was to help our colleagues discover and manage the digital world of the Internet, and to accumulate a significant amount of material in one area ready for use. The Purdue group claims to be the originators of this concept!! Yes, we made our first web-based CD in 1995 and tried to patent the concept. Unfortunately, our university did not think it a useful idea and would not proceed on a patent application!

Here are some interesting facts…

Two Different Disc Series

There are two different series of discs in our program: one on cytometry, heavily emphasizing flow cytometry and cytomics; the other is on imaging and microscopy. There have been four in the microscopy series. This particular disc set is the tenth volume in our cytometry series, and is focused on the history of the field, rather than on academic content. It is also our first DVD set, a change from our past CD-ROMs in order to accomodate the large quantity of video content.

For more information on the Purdue Disc Series, visit our website at www.cyto.purdue.edu/flowcyt/cdseries.htm