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Bugs in the Beam – A Manual for Cytometry in Microbiology

Handouts for the Tutorial on Microbial Flow Cytometry

The Program

The aim of the tutorial is to give flow cytometry users the confidence and the technical background to tackle the measurement of bacteria. To achieve that there will be a theoretical part and presentations of practical applications, accompanied by protocols and reference literature.

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See also

Special issue free full-text issue of the Journal of Microbiological Methods

Volume 42/1, September 2000, Microbial Analysis at the Single Cell Level, guest-edited by: L. Alberghina, D. Porro, H. Shapiro, F. Srienc, H. Steen.

See http://www.elsevier.com/homepage/sah/mimet/speciss/1378.pdfPDF File

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