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Hans J. Tanke

Hans J. Tanke is Professor and Head of the Department of Molecular Cell Biology and Laboratory of Cytochemistry and Cytometry at Leiden University Medical Center.

Curriculum Vitae


Post Doctoral Training

1982 – 1988
1987 – 1994

Professional experience

1988 – 1993
1991 – 1997

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Research fields

His present research field relates to the study of the molecular composition of cells and chromosomes, using fluorescence labeling technology (FISH, immunocytochemistry, GFP) and (automated) digital microscopy, in order to unravel the molecular mechanisms that determine normal and abnormal cell function. A special research focus is the analysis of molecular interactions in living cells using CSLM, FRAP and FRET-FLIM techniques. In collaboration with clinical departments developed methodology such as COBRA-FISH and genomic arrays are applied to characterize genome instabilities as occur in genetic and acquired disorders.

Scientific publications, lectures, dissertations

Hans Tanke and Bas Ploem in front of the Leytas system, developed by Ploem for automated cervical screening.

The first one is Bas (and myself) in front of the Leytas system, developed by Bas for automated cervical screening. The next picture is the prototype of the first epi-illumination fluorescence microscope that he developed in Amsterdam in the sixties (publication in 1967; Leitz Mitteilungen). The two others are prototypes of the epi-systems, with the dichroic mirror shifted in the pathway.