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My Perspective Looking Up at Giants

by Richard Selinfreund

Scott Cram, Chairman of Flow Cytometry at LANL, would often walk by my desk when I was a graduate student in his department. He would give me advice that in retrospective turned out to be the most important advice of my career. “Richard, quietly advance your science without making too much noise.” I was a graduate student studying under scientists like Scott Cram, Mark Wilder, and Harry Crissman and of course James Jett, who served on my graduate committee. Even then, I recognized they were developing the tools to unlock the human genome while I turned my lab stereo too loud and wore Hawaiian shirts in their laboratories. I knew that when Scott gave me a Pizza Hut trainee badge at graduation, he thought I was hopeless. Today, I try to practice some of the lessons that he and the others taught me. If I play a very small role in helping people recognize their work on this Cytometry History DVD, it is my way of showing respect and saying thank you!

Richard Selinfreund (left), Chief Technology Officer, Veriloc, and Tony New (right), Director Digital Works, North Americas – Sony DADC. Co-Founders of Sony DADC-Veriloc Partnership.