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Wolfgang Göhde

Dr. Wolfgang Göhde was one of the early inventors of flow cytometry. He is credited for producing the first commercial flow cytometer for fluorescence measurement. Even in the early days, he was measuring dual parameter fluorescence signals. He has spent virtually his entire professional life developing and improving cytometric technologies, in addition to his work in radiobiology studying the effects of radiation.

Most recently however, he has focused his efforts on low cost CD4 tests for many countries in Africa. In 2000, Dr. Göhde heard Howard Shapiro challenge researchers in the field of cytometry to take a serious look at developing low cost, effective tools for CD4 measurement for people who had AIDS in Africa. Dr. Göhde took up the challenge with a passion. He visited Africa and realized how terrible the conditions were for those people who did not have access to CD4 counts. He began a program to bring low cost CD4 counts to Africa and was one of the scientists most responsible for reducing the cost of testing. He continues this important work today, and it is one of his most important missions in life.

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Wolfgang Göhde discusses access to CD4 in Africa

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