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Leonard Herzenberg

The lab of Leonard Herzenberg at Stanford University has been the site of many developments and innovations since 1959. It has been the research home to many scientists, and hosted numerous visiting scientists.

Leonard Herzenberg with FACS 1 circa 1972

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Video of Stovel, Sweet and Veizades discussing early engineering challenges and problems in design of fluidics.

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Video of Herzenberg discussing

In 2006, Leonard Herzenberg was awarded the Kyoto prize for...

Leonard Herzenberg, as well as his wife Leonore Herzenberg, have been working together in the field for many years. A complete telling of their story, GENETICS, FACS, IMMUNOLOGY, AND REDOX: A Tale of Two Lives Intertwined may be found here

The Herzenberg group has produced numerous publications, including...

For a complete list, see The Herzenberg Laboratory website