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This web contains a lecture outline, notes and problem sets for teaching pharmacokinetics to veterinary and medical students at Purdue University. The notes are similar for both courses, but examples are different in some cases. The notes are not yet complete and the web version is evolving as do all course notes. In particular, I have been experimenting with different forms of present the material and in handling the homework portion. Also, attention will be given upgrading the "reference" listings to be more inclusive and to put them in a consistent form. You are are advised to consult the course web at to see the current version. A calculator will soon be added to the page. Other improvements will be made as time permits.

If you find these notes useful, please let me know. They offered in the spirit of free exchange and you may use them locally, but I would appreciate your keeping them intact. Please let me know if you translate them to another language. I also request that you send me a copy of any translated versions so I may include them in our web and make them available to others to use as you have used these. Also, if you find errors in the notes, please notify me immediately. If you intend to distribute them beyond your own classes, please observe the copyright notice below.

Veterinary Pharmacokinetics
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Medical Pharmacokinetics
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