Section 14

On-Disk Cytometry Web Sites

These sites allow you to "surf the web" to test out a few interesting sites, without actually leaving the CD ROM. There are many sites that can provide you with a lot of cytometry information - these are just a few of them. Other site addresses can be found in these pages and in Section 15.

Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
Cytorelay Node-Max-Planck, Germany
Tatiana/Iberian Society for Cytometry
International Society for Analytical Cytology

[Note: Because of technical problems we were unable to put the ISAC site on this disk. If you are connected to the internet, you can link to the ISAC site from the disk. We will fix this problem on CD-ROM 3!

Featured WEB site on CD-ROM Volume 2 :
J.J. MacIsaac Facility for Individual Particle Analysis

Visit this site via the Internet
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