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Welcome to

Soft Flow

The home of FCAP-list software

for Flow Cytometry Data Analysis


Welcome to our exhibition booth
at the ISAC Congress XVIII, Rimini, 13-18 April, 1996.

We are pleased to inform you that the latest version of our FCAP-list flow cytometry software for Apple Macintosh computers has been recently released. The use of this high quality, powerful software offers several sophisticated analysis tools which are not present in any other commercially available software applications. The software offers fast data analysis protocols for getting objective, reproducible results and helps you easily visualize the relationships among multiple cell populations.

This powerful software is now available - for a limited period of time - for a significantly lower price than the regular price.

Have a successful Congress and nice time in Rimini.


Soft Flow

FCAP-list and HPtoMac are Macintosh software applications of Soft Flow. The programs were developed in cooperation between Soft Flow Hungary Ltd., and Soft Flow, Inc., USA.
The HPtoMac disk conversion software (free)
HPtoMac is a free application which allows you to read Hewlett Packard diskettes and copy data files from the diskettes onto the hard disk of your Macintosh computer. This is a free software that you can download and forward to your colleagues without significant restrictions.
The FCAP-list data analysis software (free demo version)
The FCAP-list software is designed for off-line analysis of flow cytometry data on the Apple Macintosh computer. The program can process the data files which are saved in FCS1.0 or FCS2.0 data file format. The data can be acquired with any flow instrument and computer system which supports this format. The supported instruments include essentially all Becton Dickinson, Coulter Corporation, Ortho Diagnostic, Cytomation and Partec flow cytometers that were developed during the past five-six years.

You can explore the full capabilities of the FCAP-list software with your own data for a 30 days trial period with no obligation to purchase the program, at no charge to you.

The features of FCAP-list include:

Getting FCAP-list
You can copy the demonstration version of FCAP-list from this CD, accompanied with the Demo User's Guide document which provides you the basic information regarding the use and principles of the software. The details are described in the FCAP-list Installation section. The 'demo' version can be turned into the 'full' version with a registration code that you can get from Soft Flow or its distributor as described in FCAP-list Registration.
FCAP-list Installer Package on Diskettes
If you would like to get the demo version of FCAP-list on diskettes, plese send your request by fax or e-mail to either Soft Flow Hungary Ltd. or Soft Flow, Inc., USA. The addresses are described in the Customer Service section.
Software and Hardware Requirements
FCAP-list runs with both a minimal hardware configuration and a more powerful Macintosh system. The suggested hardware and software configuration provides high speed and the possibility of simultaneously running more Macintosh applications. The software runs on all released Power Macintosh computers.
Customer Service
Whenever you need specific information on our software products or when you need to resolve a problem, Soft Flow's technical service staff is available for you by phone, fax or electronic mail. With technical questions and comments we suggest you to contact us by e-mail on fcap@fox.klte.hu
You can send your message to us just by clicking the previous address if you are currently on the Internet.
Ordering Information


©Soft Flow Hungary Ltd., and Soft Flow, Inc., USA, 1996. All right reserved.
Last update: March 3, 1996

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is a sponsor of this CD ROM

This CD was produced by the staff of the Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories to promote the interchange of cytometry information. If you want more information please send a message to J.Paul Robinson at robinson@flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu or by mail, J.Paul Robinson, Ph.D, Professor & Director PUCL, 1515 Hansen B050, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1515, U.S.A. Phone: (317) 494-0757; Fax: (317) 494-0517