Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Volume 3
Cell Function Assays

The following sections discuss some aspects of cell function. To a large extent these can be defined as assays where the observations or measurements are made on live cells. Examples are the changes in mitochondrial membrane potential and calcium flux. These assays are sometimes a little more difficult to perform because the cells must be kept in perfect condition during the entire time of the assay. Some of the presentions below are from the "Advanced Methodologies in Flow Cytometry Workshop" held in Modena, Italy in March 1997.

  1. Triggering of Ca2+ flux by receptor crosslinking in hematopoietic cells  R. De Maria, et al.
  2. NK function in flow cytometry  M. Vitale
  3. Measure of mitochondrial membrane potential with the fluorescent probe JC-1  A. Cossarizza
  4. Multidrug resistance assay  G. Basso
  5. Calcium flux experiment  M. Woda
  6. Cell tracking using PKH-26  M. Woda
  7. Selected email discussion of cell function

Note: These data have been provided by colleagues worldwide. Appropriate acknowledgement should be made when material is used.

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