Re: Sorting Difficulties

John J. Fawcett (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 10:58:39 -0600 (MDT)

Vincent Falco writes;
>In the time course of performing a sort (1-2hrs.) my sorter is experiencing
>drifts in droplet breakoff

We sort chromosomes using Coulter EPICS V and 752 sorters, each
equipped with a 5-liter sheath tank. The large sheath capacity allows us to
sort for up to 33 hours at a time.
Our experience is that the position of the droplet becomes earlier
by about one half of a period during the course of a 33 hour sort. High
recovery and purity is maintained during these long sorts by deflecting two
drops and using the coincidence detection circuitry.
You might verify that this is the source of your instability by
varying the height of your sheath supply.

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