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COULTER® STKS Hematology Flow Cytometer

Hematology Flow Cytometer


The COULTER STKS is a high volume hematology analyzer designed for laboratories that need walkaway automation, a directly measured 5-part WBC differential, graded RBC morphology and Reticulocyte counting capability.

Maximum reduction in manual differentials.
The STKS provides superior differential results on WBC counts as low as 100 cells/mm3. A combination of innovative technologies ensures highly accurate quantitative results, superior separation of cell populations, unprecedented detection of abnormal cell types and 24-hour sample stability.

FAIL-SAFE Sample Management safeguards sample processing.
Only Coulter offers the FAIL-SAFE Sample Management System to reduce the risks associated with unattended sample processing. It ensures positive sample identification - the only system that reads the sample bar code and cassette position at the time of aspiration. Sample integrity is also checked by sensors that detect short samples, clots, leaks and other compromised samples and automatically instruct the STKS to suppress an invalid result.

3-D VCS Technology … a breakthrough in cellular detection and analysis.
The equivalent of defining an object in three dimensions rather than two, the STKS System combines the use of three highly accurate measurements to provide superior separation of cell populations. On each sample, over 8,000 White Cells or 32,000 Red Cells are directly analyzed, counted and classified using DC Impedance for Volume, RF Opacity for internal composition, and HeNe LASER Scatter for granularity and nuclear structure.

The unequaled sensitivity and specificity of 3-D VCS Technology on the Coulter STKS System can dramatically reduce the need for manual differentials in your laboratory.

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