Cytometry Volume 10

This DVD set is Volume 10 in the Purdue Cytometry Disc Series. This volume focuses on the history of cytometry, highlighting some individuals’ work, significant research centers, and the International Society for Analytical Cytology (ISAC). We feature a section on the impact of cytometry on society. We include personal narratives, photos, audio, video and many documents. We have collected as much information as possible, to preserve this information for future generations of scientists and others. We hope you find this educational, informative and of course fascinating.

There are two different discs in this set. Disc 1, this disc, is a DVD-ROM, designed to run on your PC using browser software. Disc 1 contains information in a wide array of formats. Disc 2 is a DVD-Video disc, which may be viewed using your DVD player and TV, or using DVD-Video software on your PC. Disc 2 contains only video. The two discs have different contents, so please view them both. See disc 2 Table of Contents.

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