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Proceedings of the USPHS Workshop on Laboratory and Epidemiologic Approaches to Determining the Role of Environmental Exposures as Risk Factors for B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Other B-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders.  Proceedings Manual. 

View the CD ROM edition of the Gruppo di Cooperazione in Immunologia's new book APOPTOSIS: A Laboratory Manual of Experimental Methods edited by Drs. Andrea Cossarizza and Diana Boraschi. It contains sections on the cell, the nucleus, the cytoplasm, and the plasma membrane. Several excellent images are included. 

The help of our corporate sponsors has made this CDROM series possible.  Please visit our sponsors' web pages for information about their cytometry products. 

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When referencing material from this publication use the following acknowledgement:
The Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Volume 4, J. Watson, Guest Ed., J.Paul Robinson,  Publisher. Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories, West Lafayette, IN 1997, ISBN 1-890473-03-0
CD-ROM Vol 4 was produced by Monica M. Shively and other staff at the Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories and distributed free of charge as an educational service to the cytometry community. If you have any comments please direct them to Dr. J. Paul Robinson, Professor & Director, PUCL, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, Phone: (765) 494-0757 FAX: (765) 494-0517, Web http://www.cyto.purdue.edu, EMAIL cdrominfo@flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu