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The fastest research flow cytometer has just gotten faster, and better. A new mode of sorting allows researchers to sort more subsets faster, and lose fewer cells to waste than has ever been possible before. Only the unique state-of-the-art electronics and fluidics of the MoFlo® MLS make this mode possible.

4 Simultaneous Subsets

As cells of interest become more specifically defined, researchers have been finding themselves sorting a given sample multiple times to collect the desired cells. This wasteful and inefficient strategy is now a thing of the past. The MoFlo MLS allows a researcher to define up to 4 populations of interest based on as many fluorescence parameters as PMTs on the system (virtually unlimited). These 4 subsets may then be sorted simultaneously into standard 1ml tubes, or for larger volumes, into patented 4Way cuvettes with volumes of 5, 10 or 20ml.

Simple Operation

4Way sorting is a feature that may be routinely used by any operator. The difference between a normal bi-directional sort and a 4Way sort is just a couple of simple steps. The user interface is essentially the same in both cases. This is another example of MoFlo making something easy that is impossible on competing instruments.

Unique Stream Control

The traditional problem others face in implementing multiple stream sorting is the crossover of droplets from one stream into an adjacent stream due to fanning. Cytomation has developed a unique droplet charge algorithm that virtually eliminates this effect. Instead of applying a fixed charge on each droplet to be sorted, Cytomation engineers have formulated an optimum charge shape, which minimizes the induced charge on adjacent uncharged droplets. The specific charge shaping for a particular experiment may be simply adjusted by the user. This "defanning" strategy with its associated electronics and user interface makes tuning the streams a simple front panel adjustment.

Moving a slider in software easily changes MoFlo instrument settings. Here stream deflections are set up for a 4Way sort.

A mixture of mouse thymocytes
and Calibrite® beads were sorted
into four subsets simultaneously
with purity >99.5% in each tube.

(Data provided by Dr. Frank Battye,
The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute,
Melbourne, Australia).


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