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Never before has sorting single or multiple cells into multi-well plates been more versatile, easy or fast. The CyCLONE accessory on MoFlo® extends Cytomation's track record of producing flow cytometric instrumentation that leaves the competition in the past.


The CyCLONE is a fully integrated component in a MoFlo. This means that when not in use, it retracts out of the way. When called upon, it positions itself to accept any type of slide, dish or multi-well tray (up to 384 wells!). The CyCLONE software is also fully integrated into the MoFlo's operating system, so there's no need to close out of any program for its set up or run. Ultimate flexibility is provided in the set up protocol, allowing different cells to be sorted into different wells, different numbers of cells to be sorted, and any plate geometry to be specified.


There's no sense having the fastest commercial sorter in the world, and not have the fastest cloning device. So CyCLONE is as fast as its name implies. Given a 1% population, CyCLONE can fill a 96-well tray with single cells in under 50 seconds! There's also a positive feedback system (the only one in the industry) so that if the plate is not positioned correctly, it shuts down the sorting.


CyCLONE is easy to operate too. Since it's always mounted, there's no problem switching from cloning to analysis to regular sorting. The software is made very intuitive by displaying a graphical representation of the sort geometry. You simply fill in the number of cells desired and the sort gate valid for each well, and the rest is automatic. If you want to establish a particular plate geometry, you can position the plate using the mouse at its initial and final points, and let the computer calculate the well spacing. You'll be amazed at how easy and robust the CyCLONE is.

An intuitive and fully integrated software interface makes the CyCLONE truly user friendly. In this example three different sub-populations, each represented by a different color, are sorted at different concentrations.

The Tradition Continues

Cytomation has established itself as "the" innovator in research flow cytometry instrumentation.The introduction of the MoFlo in 1995 was the first major development in this field since the late '70s. The CyCLONE continues this breakthrough tradition by providing researchers with a tool that is fully integrated into the design of the flow cytometer, that is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of needs, and that is easy enough to be useful to a wide variety of operators. The CyCLONE is another example of Cytomation's understanding of the requirements of the research community, and of its ability to deliver a product to meet those needs.


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