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Our goal is to assemble a collection of tools for learning/teaching in the area of cytometry. These disks will contain valuable information for teachers, researchers, technicians & students in the field of cytometry. Each disk contains both general sections such as teaching slide sets and tutorials, and special interest sections. This disk will be released at the ISAC XIX Congress in February 1998.

Publisher: J. Paul Robinson, Purdue University
Guest Editors: James Watson
Submission Deadline: January 5, 1998
Meeting release: ISAC XIX, 1998
Distribution: 5000 CDs will be distributed free of charge at scientific meetings

This CD ROM will continue the very successful PURDUE CYTOMETRY CD ROM Series (Vol. 1 - March 1996, Vol.2 - Dec 1996, Vol. 3 - August 1997). These disks use the "world wide web-on-a-disk" concept perfected in our laboratory. They are set up like web pages, with hot links allowing you to navigate through the disk. They are entirely independent of Internet connections, but if connected, users can also access relevant web sites via hot links set up on the disk. Having this material on CD ROM allows users to avoid time-consuming web searches for this specialized topic area. Images are loaded quickly on these web-on-a-disk productions - so heavy use of graphics is feasible.

Please consider what you can share with your colleagues via this disk!

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