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  1. PUCL Information Network - STEP program, reference books, cytometry software sites, email user groups
  2. NEW WEB LINK TO Cytometry EMAIL User Group Updated daily......!
  3. Worldwide Listing of Cytometry Sites
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  7. Cytometry Courses
  8. Cytometry Suppliers... cytometers, reagents, antibodies, stuff you need in the lab..
  9. Flow Cytometry Capabilities ..the facilities at Purdue
  10. Confocal Microscopy & Image Analysis ..the facilities at Purdue
  11. Rate Information - Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy Core Labs
  12. List of Projects some things of interest to us
  13. Description of this facility general overview
  14. Faces from the Purdue Lab.. you don't really have to look....
  15. Australian & New Zealand Scientists Connection... only of interest to expats...

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