CD ROM Contributions - Submission Instructions

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Purdue CD ROM Series! The following details are provided to ensure that all contributions are readable. Please read them carefully. A checklist is provided here - please send it to us with your material.

Deadline: September 1, 1997.


Submission: However you send your files, YOU MUST mail in, fax, email, call in, or include the information on the attached checklist

For file transfer, FTP is preferred. If you have multiple directories, please send your files as a zip archive with the directory structure preserved.


If you cannot FTP your files, you can send them on diskette, 100 Mb zip disk for PCs, or CDR. Please do not submit binary files as email attachments - they typically get scrambled and are unusable.

Content: We welcome all (unpublished) research contributions. They can be in the form of data histograms with brief explanations, research summaries, longer research reports, slides, images, etc. Please note that the more information or explanation that you include, the more usable your contribution will be. In addition, more information helps us to place your work in the most logical section of the CD.

Copyrights: Copyrighted material will be accepted ONLY IF written permission from the publisher is included.Copyright Transfer Form Unpublished research not slated for submission in the same form (to meetings or journals) is preferred. Individuals retain copyright of materials on the CD. However, material is placed on the CD with implied general permission to use the material for non-commercial purposes.

Acknowledgements: All contributors will be listed in the acknowledgements page of the CD ROM.

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