Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Volume 3
Laboratory standards & regulations Section advisor:
Dr. Anne Hurley

Standards and regulations are an integral part of clinical practice. The goal is ever constant: to ensure patient results of the highest possible quality - accurate, reliable, and reproducible - no matter who performed the testing or where it was done. This section contains information pertinent to cytometry laboratories concerning compliance with U.S legislation covering clinical laboratories, including forms for documentation. The Australasian Flow Cytometry Group has written a series of recommended guidelines covering a number of clinical test areas. Last, and surely not least, the laboratory point of view surfaces in lively e-mail discussions.

  1. Flow Cytometry Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) Compliance Manual   A. Hurley & D. Zito

  2. AFCG Recommended Guidelines For The Detection of Auto & Allo Antibodies
  3. AFCG Recommended Guidelines For DNA Investigations
  4. AFCG Recommended Guidelines For HLA-B27 Typing by Flow Cytometry
  5. AFCG Recommended Guidelines For Leukaemia and Lymphoma Phenotyping
  6. AFCG Recommended Guidelines For Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping
  7. AFCG Recommended Guidelines For the Detection of Reticulocytes

    For the most up-to-date AFCG Guidelines please visit their web site at http://jcsmr.anu.edu/facslab/AFCG/ or go to the Consensus Documents in the Cytorelay website homepage. You will find additional standards and guidelines there as well, including the current version of the Flow Cytometric Data File Standards, FCS3.0.

  8. Selected email discussion of standards, QC, and regulations
  9. Selected email discussion of FCS data standards for cytometry

Note: These data have been provided by colleagues worldwide.Appropriate acknowledgement should be made when material is used.

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