Follow up on Sorting

Vincent Falco (
Wed, 23 Oct 96 12:21:45 -24000

To All:
A few questions have arisen from the group to provide additional information
so as to better answer or provide suggestions for sorting difficulties.
First, sorting is on a jet in air system, the manufacturer I do not think is
relevant.The nozzle is 70micron.The particle size would be in the range of
hematopoietic elements, erythroid thru to blast or mature elements.The sheath
fluid is a commercial product of which I have several on hand. Such as
Heamaline, Isoflow, FACSFlow.(If anyone has specific pro or cons on sheath,
please state).I have only on a few occasions attempted to increase the sheath
PSI above 10. This has come with less than satisfactory performance.Using a
70micron tip I examine frequency in the range of 23k-27k.As I refine sorting
based on suggestions and trial and error I would like to see what upper
limits of PSI and frequency can be achieved.
Thanks for info.
Vincent Falco

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