Re: Plant flow cytometry

Iona O'Brien (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 12:52:39 GMT+1200


I have had experience with several plant species producing high
levels of phenolics eg apple, kiwifruit and hops. I use either 0.1%
ascorbic acid or 3% PVP-10 in the preparation buffer. The PVP-10
works best but can make the nuclei sticky. I have found better
permeability with Hoescht 33342 than DAPI into apple fruit
cells which were high in phenolics - so probably worth a try.
I would also run an unstained sample of your cells as my past
experience has been than when high levels of phenolics are present it
can result in high levels of autofluorescence resulting in incorrect
DNA content values.
Hope this helps,
Iona O'Brien

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