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The BioScope Initiative brings science to life and makes it fun! With students, teachers, and scientists working in partnership, we create the very best in user-friendly biology material for today's high school students. The BioScope Initiative CD-ROMs are a new generation of WEB-based, cross-platform CD-ROMs that can operate via a network or as a single entity.

These CD-ROMs are unique. Usually once a CD-ROM is pressed it becomes history; the information can't be changed. With the BioScope Initiative CD-ROM users can connect to the BioScope server through the internet and view the latest available information, continually updated by the BioScope Initiative Team.
Some of the features of the BioScope CD-ROMs include:
  • Inquiry driven materials
  • Many excellent hard-to-find images
  • High-magnification microscope images
  • Investigative handles that show how cells are a part of our lives
  • Teacher's guides and student activities
  • Detailed knowledge pages and glossary
  • Links to BioScope-approved web sites
  • Link to the BioScope World, the website for the most up-to-date information, accessible only via the CD-ROM. Here you may find the latest updates, more websites to explore, discussion forums for students and teachers, games and activities, and a few hidden surprises for students to discover.

The BioScope Initiative was developed in the Cytometry Laboratories at Purdue University. Here teachers, scientists, educators, and students come together to create our WEB-based CD-ROMs. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

  • Teachers plan the content and participate in decision making
  • Research scientists contribute state-of-the-art research technologies and their knowledge
  • Educators who believe in inquiry-based learning ensure that the material follows National Science Education Standards and Benchmarks and that it is relevant and functional
  • Students provide ideas and real life scenarios relevant to them
All this helps to create the Quality Learning Experience.

Materials are commercialized by Multimedia Knowledge, Inc. ( Through an exclusive worldwide license from Purdue Research Foundation (PRF).