Cytometry Transoceanic www-Mirror

  • CytoRelay
  • Purpose:

    Long distance information transport through electronic networks may require substantial time due to slow transfer rates (0-5Kbyte/sec) but also to substantial waiting times between transport of subsequent data packages.

    Forward and backward jumping between the addressed www-pages requires additional network data transport because the browser's caching capacities are limited by free hard disk space.

    The installation of mirror sites, Off-Line Internet from harddisk or CD-ROM permit to downcut on waitings times.

    - The Purdue E-mail box and archive mirror on the Martinsried site is a partial mirror i.e. the table of contents as the most consistent data package is mirrored while the shorter E-mail messages are localised at Purdue.

    Mirror (use browser "Back" button for return)

  • CytoRelay

  • Off-line Internet, a timesaver !

    Download all CytoRelay pages, check the concept, follow the installation instructions (PC) and display text and graphics from your harddisk without network delay

    For problems or comments, please contact:
    G.Valet E-mail: , Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Am Klopferspitz 18a, D-82152 Martinsried, Germany, Tel: +49/89/8578-2518, -2525, Fax: +49/89/8578-2563, INTERNET address:
    Last Update: Mar.12, 2000