Cell Biochemistry Martinsried
Flow Cytometer

Partec PASIII Flow Cytometer and Cell Sorter

Instrument Setup
- 5 photomultiplier channels
- 1 electrical sizing channel
- quarz objective and excitation light condensor
- incorporated air cooled 40mW argon ion laser (488nm)
- incorporated high pressure mercury arc lamp (HBO100)
- quarz fiber coupled 40mW HeCD laser (325/445nm)
- quarz fiber coupled 5W/100mW argon ion laser (488,514,354nm + other lines)
- glass fiber coupled 10mW HeNe laser (633nm)
- quarz fiber coupled 20mW KrFl excimer laser (254nm)

Analysis Parameters
- cell volume by hydrodynamically focused electrical sizing
- forward (FSC) and sideward (SSC) light scatter
- three fluorescence channels
- time channel

Sorting Capacities
- closed fluid piezo sorting chamber for simultaneous FSC/SSC/three fluorescence cell sorting
- complex, non rectangular multiparameter window sorting - see practical performance on Video

Data Display and Recording
- up to six parameter FCS1.0 or FCS2.0 list mode
- various one and two parameter display modes with plotting on cytometer computer
- network data transfer into DOS computers for multiparameter list mode analysis and self learning data classification

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