Two Models, Infinite Possibilities

MoFlo is available in two models, the DTS and the MLS. The DTS utilizes CICERO electronics within the MoFlo framework to create a system that has all the same optical, mechanical and fluidics advantages described previously. The only performance difference between the DTS and the MLS is that the DTS is rated at 15,000 events/sec. (vs. 25,000 events/sec. for the MLS). Also, the DTS utilizes two methods of signal separation (spatial and optical) while the MLS has three (spatial, optical and temporal) for even greater discrimination. The DTS is fully upgradeable to the MLS with a simple swap of electronics hardware.

The End of Obsolescence

Due to the basic open design concept of MoFlo, it will always be upgradeable. There are no walls to cut through, nor are there tight spaces in which things have to fit. The use of a standard optical bench and a standard electronics rack means that all future updates will fit onto existing MoFlos. Also, our choice of Windows 95/NT as an operating system ensures the longest possible lifetime of any computer platform.

HPLC fittings and tubing are used throughout the MoFlo for safetand ease of use.

A sophisticated pressure regulator system with 0.1psi stability eliminates droplet break-off drift.

4Way™ sorting permits 4 separate populations to be sorted at one time.

Fluorescence signals generated by up to 3 lasers are focused through triple pinholes to minimize cross-talk.

Dual-stage precision micrometers make alignment simple and precise.

All optical components are bolted down to ensure stability during sorts and to minimize the need for daily alignment.

All filters are easily accessible for rapid change


The Source for Research Flow Cytometry

Cytomation was founded in 1988 and has since established itself as the source for superior research flow cytometry instrumentation and upgrades. While our competitors are concentrating on the larger clinical market, we have been dedicated to filling the void left for the researcher interested in advanced flow cytometry. And weĠre not done. Watch for a continuing series of advances which will make MoFlo the instrument of choice for the next decade and beyond.

Delivering Superior Performance


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