Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Volume 3
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This CD can be referenced as
The Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Volume 3, J.Parker, C. Stewart, Guest Eds., J.Paul Robinson, Publisher. Purdue University, West Lafayette, 1997, ISBN 1-890473-02-2

Instructions for use

This disk only works using WEB browsers. You can use any browser you want, but we provided Microsoft's Internet Explorer for you. If you have NETSCAPE or already have Microsoft Internet Explorer, just use what you already have. We have tried to use a low level HTML code, but some pages include frames which are not supported by older browsers.

The icon indicates that you can locate the information or web site on this CDROM. It usually means that you have a choice of going out to the INTERNET or staying on the CD-ROM.

Image files are generally high resolution, but it depends ENTIRELY on the quality of YOUR monitor and the resolution that it is set at!

The icon or indicate that you can download a file to either your IBM PC type computer or your MAC computer. When you press the button, you will have to designate a directory to save the files. Often you will have to unzip the files to use them.

Some of the demo software in the sponsors sections must be downloaded and then unzipped on your hard-disk.

Macintosh users must acquire a utility capable of un-BinHexing files, as all the downloadable programs for the Macintosh are BinHexed Stuffit Expander archives. Most are self-extracting, and the rest can be expanded with Stuffit Expander.

Legal Stuff....

Whatever we did, we did with the best of intentions. If you sue us for some reason, we hope you lose as much sleep as we did to put this CD-ROM together! Also may all of your lymphocytes clump forever, and your red blood cells lyse! May your flowcell clog, your laser burn out, and your fluorescein return to its ground state permanently. We think that we got permissions from everyone to put whatever is on this disk. We also think that we acknowledged all sources, and if we didn't it was absolutely and definitely a mistake which you will no-doubt make us regret a lot. Let us know and we will rectify this on CD-ROM 4. Some material on this disk is copyrighted, but is put on the disk for your edification, interest, and even education. If you use the material do the decent thing and give credit to the author (and mention this CD - it even has an ISBN Number!!). Some sections can be used as they are, but you can't modify them or reuse the material.
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CD-ROM Vol 3 was produced by Monica M. Shively and other staff at the Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories and distributed free of charge as an educational service to the cytometry community. If you have any comments please direct them to Dr. J. Paul Robinson, Professor & Director, PUCL, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907. Phone: (765)-494-0757; FAX(765) 494-0517; Web http://www.cyto.purdue.edu, EMAIL cdrom3@flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu