Network Control Programs


  • Network Control
  • CytoRelay
  • Uninitialized CytometryNet

    - Various CytometryNet sites can be depicted in a map according to their geographical location or to their function in the local network of universities or other larger institution can be controlled. All locations appear originally in yellow

    CytometryNet after "CHECK"

    - The "check" buttom triggers a serial sequence of "ping" and "trace" commands to each of the locations. Green stained sites are reachable without problems while red stained sites are either not at all reached or only with substantial delays

    Ping Command in the CytometryNet"

    - "Ping" commands can be send to any of the locations by clicking onto the respective icons.

    Trace Command in the CytometryNet"

    - "Trace" can be sent as an alternative to any of the locations by clicking onto the respective icon. This provides an impression on the routing of network information.

    Search for Fast Access Relay Stations

    - CytometryNet users can determine by WS_WATCH which relay station is best reached from their own location

    Internet at Rimini1996

    - Internet users can also check the connection to the presently availabe Internet connection close to the ISACXVIII conference site in Rimini 1996

  • Network Control
  • CytoRelay

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