Immunoglobulin Binding to Proteins A and G, Jacalin and Mannan Binding Protein

David Chambers
Affinity of Protein G, Protein A, Protein A/G, Mannan Binding Protein and Jacalin for Various Immunoglobulins as Reported in Literature.
Protein A Protein G Protein A/G Jacalin Mannan Binding Protein
Human IgG S S S nb nb
Human IgG1 S S S nb nb
Human IgG2 S S S nb nb
Human IgG3 w S S nb nb
Human IgG4 S S S nb nb
Human IgM w nb w - S
Human IgA w nb w S -
Human IgA1 w - S S -
Human IgA2 w - S w -
Human IgD nb nb w - -
Mouse IgG S S S nb nb
Mouse IgG1 w w/s w/s - nb
Mouse IgG2a S S S - nb
Mouse IgG2b S S S - nb
Mouse IgG3 S S S - nb
Mouse IgM nb nb nb - S
Horse IgG w S S - -
Horse IgG(c) w nb w - -
Horse IgG(T) nb nb nb - -
Rabbit IgG S S S nb -
Goat IgG w S S - -
Rat IgG w w/s w/s - -
Sheep IgG w S S - -
Cow IgG w S S - -
Guinea Pig IgG S w S - -
Pig IgG S w S - -
Dog IgG S w S - -
Cat IgG S w S - -
Monkey IgG (Rhesus) S S S - -
Chicken IgG nb nb nb - -


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