Lymph Nodes that Clump -Reply

Antony Bakke (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 09:49:41 -0700

Joy Mundy asked, "Can anybody help me with a cell suspension solution that will
inhibit cell clumping."

We do a lot of cell suspension preparation from lymph nodes and usually do not
get clumping. However, when we first started we did and discovered that we were
trying too hard to disaggregate the tissue. We began to be more gentle in our
method and that solved the problem. We gently press the tissue through a metal
sieve. Other labs cut up the node with two scalpels using a scissors action or
simply put small pieces of node in a culture tube with media and shake. These
will all give a cell suspension. You will need to filter out connective tissue
or allow it to settle. Many labs use 50-70 micron nylon filter material for
removing clumps. You can obtain the filter material from Tetko in Depew, NY,
(716) 683-4050 or from Small Parts in Miami, FL, (305) 751-0856 and you can
obtain ready made, disposable funnels with filter material in them from Dako
called filcons, (805) 566-6655.

Hope this helps,
Tony Bakke, PhD
Clinical Immunology and Flow Cytometry Lab
Oregon Health Sciences University

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