Re: Books, Web Info, CD-ROM II
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 08:01:34

Al Sabirsh asks about books on Flow Cytometry:

There is a comprehensive list of books in the Purdue Cytometry WEB
site - 15 general books and 8 clinical books are discussed - all the
information needed to track these books is there. Acces the site at:
go into PUCL Information Network and you will find the lists...

ALSO we are adding 2 new areas on our web site:

1. A corporate page lising companies that supply cytometry related
products. Only companies that have ACTIVE web sites are listed. (see
the top of our web site...

2. A comprehensive set of web pages listing every known CYTOMETRY
officers, councils and contact information is included (direct
links to email addresses of course!). If we missed you please let us

ALSO... check out the MEETING schedule on the site for meetings over
the next couple of years... send us update info please.

CYTOMETRY CD-ROM Vol 2 is shaping up fast.... Get a free copy at the
ASH meeting in ORLANDO Dec 6, 1996.

J.Paul Robinson, Purdue University Cytometry Labs
Professor of Immunopharmacology PH:317-494 6449 FAX:317-494 0517

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