Re: Sorting onto Slides

Gerhard Nebe-von-Caron (
04 Jun 1997 09:52:12 +0100

The problem is the evaporating liquid increasing the osmotic
pressure. I have sorted small numbers of cells into 5ul
liquid droplets of human serum then covered by a coverslip
and it worked fine. Sorting on Boehringer Test-simplets
(coated for cytological stains) worked on the same basis.
There is also a 96well plate with very small wells and a
flat bottom the size of a times 20 objective field of view
available. You can there sort into liquid, then spin the
plate and find your cell at the bottom.

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Subject: Sorting onto Slides
Author: at INTERNET
Date: 04/06/97 02:51

Hello, Flowers,
We are having trouble recovering healthy-looking cells when
we sort them onto gelatin-coated slides. I was wondering if anyone
had any technical information regarding sorting cells directly onto
glass slides. Are there any special pre-treatments of the slides
that help the cells survive the trauma of the sort, or are there ways
to modify sorting conditions for this application? Any information
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Joanne Yetz-Aldape
Genetics Institute
Cambridge, MA

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