Re: Molecular Probes Cytotox-Kit Question

Andreas Schrer (
Thu, 3 Oct 96 22:57:52 +0100

>It depends on what you are trying to interpret! The only aggregate that =
>confuse a calculation of % of targets killed is an aggregate between a =
>target cell and a dead effector. This seems an unlikely occurance under =
>circumstances, and you can get an indirect feel for this by finding the =
>of PI-positive DiO-negative events (it should be quite low).

Well, you are absolutely right with this, but the authors of the =
cited paper
themselves wrote about this confusion, so I'm still a bit skeptical. =
if I gated out aggregates and right in these aggregates were a higher =
of vital targets (i.e. not yet killed targets but targets adherent to =
in comparison to the singlet cells (i.e. more already killed targets =
not anymore
adherent to effectors), well okay, I'm probably a bit too skeptical.

>Finally, if you really think you will have dead effectors you could mark =
>population also before the co-incubation or by post-staining with a =
>specific mAb.

Yes, by using a marker mAb you should be able to clarify the =

Thank you very much for your reply.

Andreas Schr=F6der

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