RE: THP-1's and fluorescent dyes

Dan Smith (DJS@ALLP.COM)
Tue, 17 Dec 96 09:25:00 PST

I have tried to use THP-1's in a cytochrome-C oxidative burst experiment and
had absolutely no luck. They may produce little to no superoxide.
Dan Smith
San Diego
{From: owner-cyto-sendout
{To: Cytometry Mailing List
{Subject: THP-1's and fluorescent dyes
{Date: Monday, December 16, 1996 6:08PM
{ Has anyone worked with the THP-1 cell line using Dihydrorhodamine 123
{ or Hydroethidine (HE)? I am in search of a method to stimulate these
{ with LPS, an inflammatory cytokine, or virus, and measure oxidative
{ As of yet, my efforts have come up empty, but I thought there may be
{ unpublished or hard to find methods out there in Flowland. Any help,

{ insights or watch-outs will be appreciated.
{ Thanks...Jodi McKenzie-Kroeger

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