Re: Sorting Difficulties

Jim Houston (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 08:40 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, Vincent Falco wrote:

> To All:
> In the time course of performing a sort (1-2hrs.) my sorter is experiencing
> drifts in droplet breakoff(as observed by the camera screen on the
> sorter).When this is observed,the sort is stopped and the drop delay/droplet
> breakoff is checked by performing the ususal bead count matrix over several
> drop delays.Typically, the drop delay has in fact changed from its original.
> While I want to hear any and all responses as to what the problem may be(my
> performance or the sorter)assume for the time that there is absolutely no
> clogs,no air/fluidic leaks, and all electronics completely in fine tune.
> Thanks.
> Vincent Falco
> New England Medical Center

If this would happen I would not take the time to do a matrix count. I
would re-calculate the drop delay set the instrument to new values and go.
My sorter is fairly reliable as far as drop delay settings. This sorter
I use now is off by 1 drop. I calculate the DRop delay and add 1. If I
do a matrix sort it tells me the same thing. I do not waste time in the
middle of a sort for a matrix check.
I would be curious if this needs to be done every several hours or just
this once. If it one time a day just reset and go. If it is every 2-3 hrs
then there is another problem.

Go with the flow.


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