Re: PE/Cy5 on a FACS Calibur

steven micko (steven_micko@email.eushc.ORG)
Wed, 25 Sep 96 11:03:06 EST


We are a beta site for the second (red) laser on a FACSCalibur. I do my
daily QC with Calibrites (FTC, PE, blanks, PerCP and APC), and it works
fine. Our biological work uses PerCP, APC, and Cychrome, and I have had
no complaints. I don't know about PE/Cy5; is it the same as CyChrome?

The present status of 4 color work on the Calibur is that it is in Beta
testing. We use cross-beam compensationS between FL1 & FL2, FL2 & FL3,
FL3 & FL4.

Steve Micko
Emory Hospital
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An associate has asked me a third hand question regarding the utility of
using PE/Cy5 conjugates on a FACScaliber in 3 color applications.
Questions for the group and for BD lurkers in particular:

1. Do PE/Cy5 conjugates work any better or worse on a Calibur than on a
FACSCAN in 3 color/ 1 laser applications.

2. What is the present status of 4 color work on the Calibur? Any plans
for cross-beam compensation to allow simultaneous use of FITC, PE,
PE/Cy5 and APC?


Calman Prussin

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