Phytoplankton sorting

John Mahoney (
26 Jan 1997 15:49:34 -0500

Response to Sheila Agawin,

I am a relative novice with our FACS Vantage but have successfully
sorted several phytoplankton species without difficulty. These
included flagellates: Olisthodiscus luteus, Prorocentrum triestinum,
Gyrodinium cf aureolum, and a picoplankter, Aureococcus
anophagefferens. All survived sorts except for A. anophagefferens
single cell ACDU isolation attempts. I usually use glass 100mm test
tubes with slip on caps for collections but shorter plastic tubes have
worked also. Tubes are filled about three quarters with media and
positioned high in the tube holder. Cooling has not been a problem
because the unit is in an air conditioned room, and I use several
freezer packs in the collection compartment - in lieu of setting up
refrigeration. Dave Small, Becton-Dickinson, recommends varying
(lowering) sheath pressure. Good Luck!

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