Re: post sorting fibroblast viability

Matthias Haury (
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 18:13:33 +0100


try using PBS or any other uncolored medium as sheeth fluid, we found that
the BDIS sheath (as also Coulters and some others) modify/inhibit the
growth of some sensitive cellines after sorting (I suppose its some
growthinhibitors or stabilizers in the commercial fluids).

Might not be the reason, but could be worth a trial.

Cheers, Matthias

Matthias Haury Flowcytometry Dept Immunology Institut Pasteur Tel: 33 (01) 40 61 31 29 Fax: 33 (01) 45 68 86 39

>dear colleagues
>does anyone have experience sorting fibroblast cell lines?
>i'm sorting FLST cell line. this is an embryonic cell line which supports
>b-cell development.
>unfortunately after sorting the cells remain alive but don't attach like they
>normally do
>i detach the cells by cell scraping and filter through a mesh post two
>step staining.
>cytometry is on a facsvantage, 70 micron nozzle, sheath p.s.i is 11.
>any ideas for increasing viablity/adherence would be greatly appreciated.
>frank isdell
>flow cytometry lab.
>the rockefeller university
>1230 york ave

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